Do these (or one of these) if you are stuck at something

This happens to all doers. We get stuck at what we do — let it be writing, science, photography, wellness routine, etc. The question is not why it happens; instead, you should ask what can you do about it? I like to do various things and sometimes I get stuck at all of them. So, here is what I do about it when that happens.

By the way,

You should read this:
  • If you are a doer and has this all getting stuck issue going on in your life and is driving you insane.
  • If you want to quibble on my writing or my blog and actually want to help me improve.
  • If you are jobless and has nothing better to read.
  • If your computer is frozen and you can’t close this window.
  • If you are a blogger and looking for some ego boost.
  • If you like to share links on social media.
You should not read this:
  • If you are not a doer.
  • If you are the only one who think you are a doer (seriously, don’t waste your time).
  • If you are a hypocrite who likes to criticize anything that others do ( seriously, don’t waste my time. I really want your population to go extinct someday).
  • If you are looking for a magic life recipe that will change your life overnight.
  • If you are a pathological pessimist (I just made up that word).
  • If you don’t have enough patience to read a lengthy post.
So, here is what you should try to ‘unstuck’ yourself and start doing
Throw your excuses in the dustbin
You have to agree with me on this. we make excuses (a hell lot of them) when we are stuck at something. Some of them goes like this: I don’t have time, no energy, can’t focus because I have too many things on my plate already, I will do it when I have time, I will do it when all the planets align in straight line* You know what, the bottom line is that these excuses prevent you from doing it. So, chuck them straight away and see if something is happening or not.
Find out the cause and start acting on it
Be mindful and see what is making you stuck. Is it the monotonous routine? Lack of positive results? Is your skill level need to be improved? Find out the cause. I would recommend you to write it down on a piece of paper.
If it is the monotonous routine, take a break from it. Don’t think about it from a few days. But, if you are scared of creative loss or something, then change the schedule or place and see if that helps. If it is your skill level, then find out what you should learn to get your back on track and make some progress.
Motivate yourself
Sometimes you  stuck at something because you get demotivated. It could be due to lack of appreciation or people trying to pull you down. Whatever the reason is, you should find ways to get yourself motivated. I like to read blogs on my niche as it gives me new ideas and inspiration (that’s how I wrote this post).
Do something completely different
If acting on the cause doesn’t help (sometimes you don’t even feel like thinking about the cause, I know), then you might have burned out or something. In that case, do something completely different.  Do chores, help someone, go for a ride.
Give up
Yeah, you heard me. If nothing works no matter how much time you give or effort you put, just give up and move on. Why do you have to waste your time and effort on something which isn’t helping you anyway? So just forget about it and start something different.