Stop Waiting for Motivation

If this is how your story goes, you may read this article (if it’s not, you may read this if you are bored or something).

You don’t like reading, but you just want to know what this post is about, then you may skip the next four paragraphs.

So you want to be something other than your mainstream job wants you to be — a painter/writer/photographer/or-whatever-that’s-in-your head, perhaps. You think it’s cool to do such things because you felt immense pleasure in doing such things that your mainstream job fails to give you. You would see that others call you a genius or something at what you do. And, finally,  you call it your “passion”. You would think that pursuing your passion is great and, it would give you unlimited happiness for the rest of your life. You think about going into your passion.

Because you are going into it your passion full time, you need to do it every day or to spend more time for it. You may even do that for the first few days or something, but you find it difficult to be consistent. But it’s not just happening. You may be good at those things, but you know that you are not awesome at it. But, you couldn’t just do those things. You convince yourself that your are out of motivation. So you wait for motivation to strike at the back of your head so that you can start doing those things and be awesome at it. Yes, sometimes you feel motivated and you do those things without stopping for hours. You feel good about it. But, it is transitory and you wait for another wave of motivation.

You search for tips, read blogs, talk to the best people in that area on how to feel motivated all the time. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it would take a long time. You get frustrated. You might even get this feeling that you are not “meant” to do those things, that you should be doing only your mainstream job. And when somebody asks you, you say that you are not motivated or you just don’t have enough time or energy for that after your work. You think that the iconic people in those areas are gifted or has magical powers to do such things.

Is this happening to you? It used to happen to me. But I didn’t like it, for I don’t believe in magical powers/gifted talent and all that. So I did some research and found out what made those people different than the rest of the people. I am going to tell you what it really is.

The difference between them and the rest of the people is their mental resilience. That is, they just do it no matter what their state of mind is. They don’t wait for motivation to do what they want to do . They just do it. Sure, you are like unstoppable when you ‘feel like doing it’, but that’s not it. It will not help you achieve anything significant. So what you must do to get good at something?

You have to keep doing it every day. Chuck the idea of motivation. I know it’s hard, but an idea is useless if it’s not working for you. Stop waiting for it, and develop a habit of doing it everyday. I agree that you will get motivated when you see others’ work. But it means that you can also do those things, it doesn’t tell you that you have to do it.
If you are thinking about going into your passion full time or want to get better at it, you have to do it even if you are bored Or not feeling like doing it. That’s the deal.

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning —  Peter De Vries

Move out of your comfort zone

You might have heard elsewhere that you have to move out of your comfort zone to achieve something or be productive. That is true. We love comfort zone (duh! That’s why it’s a comfort zone). And doing your mainstream job is moving out of comfort zone, and that’s why most people hate it. But, over time we are getting good at what we are doing, aren’t we? Some people even say that they are getting used to their work. Moving out of comfort zone and doing things help you to grow and improve yourself. And doing something when you feel motivated is like doing it in the comfort zone. Yes, moving out of comfort zone is frustrating. You would feel like your passion is as bad as your mainstream job is. Some of you might say that if you are getting frustrated at doing what you love to do, then there is no point in doing it. I bet such people don’t do anything significant. They just keep saying it until they die.

Comfort zone is where you can do things easily. There is no effort or boredom or frustration. It’s so easy for you, you would feel like your life is going smoothly. And that is okay for most people. They would argue that they should be in comfort zone because they had been working all day or all week. For people who want to do something other than their regular work, motivation stands just outside the comfort zone and taunts them. But, you just want it to come inside your comfort zone.

So the idea is to go out of the comfort zone and just do it until it becomes your comfort zone. Just keeping doing it until it becomes so easy for you. Expand your comfort zone territory until it’ so effortless.


Comfort zone diagram
Move out
comfort zone diagram
And expand your comfort zone


  • If you want to be a writer and publish a book, don’t wait for motivation. Just start writing. Develop a habit of writing every day. You may feel like nothing is coming out, but you just write. Trust me, anyone can be a writer if they have something to say. The only prerequisite is that they should think clearly.
  • If you want to be a painter, you just paint. The medium doesn’t matter. Whatever, you can get your hands on at that moment, take it and just do it. Draw every day. Follow a tutorial or just paint something random. If you are following a tutorial, repeat it until it’s too easy for you.
  • If you want to be a photographer, don’t just sit in front of computer and look at the works of others. Just go out and do it. Nothing else will help you to become a good photographer.

Thus, if you want to create something significant (write a book, make awesome paintings, make good photographs) develop a habit of doing it every day instead of waiting for inspiration. Do it when you don’t feel like doing it.


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