Edx Writing Course: Assignment 1: Journal Ideas


There are two kinds of people who are reading this post now: my peers at the EdX Academic and Business writing class, and the others who might have accidentally seen this post or somehow ended up here by following links from somewhere (I like to pretend that my blog is popular and all). If you are the second kind, you may or may not read on. If you are wondering what this is about, I shall briefly explain it: My writing sucks, and I joined the online course to improve my writing and gain some confidence in publishing my writings. If you are the first kind, then please read on and kindly give your comments.

I have been thinking about posting this for the last four days because the deadline is tomorrow. Yes, I am a sucker at meeting deadlines. Just like most people, I finish assignments only at the 11th hour. I want to break this bad habit and be less human. I am confident that I can do it.

Now, coming to the assignment.

What type of writing I typically do?

I love writing, and I write in all kinds of ways if I have to. To me writing is a self-expression and I change the way I write. I don’t like to get stuck in one type of writing.  I have blogs, and I write in blogging or conversational style. Sometimes I write poems. I write short stories eventhough they come nowhere near the short story word count standards, but they are stories and they are very short. I can’t write commercial fiction or the way classics are written. I just don’t know how to add drama and all to writing. I am not saying that they are bad, but I just don’t get it, and I don’t enjoy writing that way. I like reading literary fictions like Catcher in rye, Post office, Punkzilla, Ham in the rye, and such sort. I enjoy reading J.D Salinger, Charles Bukowski, Adam Rapp, and writers with similar writing styles. I am a research scholar in biophysics, so I do academic and scientific writing. I wrote my first paper last year and communicated it to a journal. One of the reviewers said that he could not read it completely because my language was so poor ( I hope he didn’t get a brain damage or something). I felt bad about myself, and I almost quit science (tears rolling down). But I rose like a phoenix bird and decided to sharpen my writing skills and here I am. So, in short, I write poems, very short stories, blogs, academic/technical articles or papers.

What I think about writing?

My mentor, Dr. Murali Manoj, showed me the power of writing. About 7 years ago, I used to be this person who thought that writing is for professional purposes. I had never thought how my writing was, nor focused on improving it. I could not even write a proper sentence that time, let alone write a paragraph. My mentor told me how well one should write, and I had seen him writing effortlessly. It inspired me to focus on writing, and soon I realised that writing has profound effect on thinking. I started writing more and experienced that my thoughts were getting clearer, and I wrote more than I thought. It improved the way I speak as well. I think writing is a keystone skill — if you improve your writing, it would have an impact on the way you think and talk. I have been focussing on improving my writing ever since. I believe that it doesn’t matter what ideas you have in your mind unless you can convey it to others with brevity. I love writing. I enjoy every aspect of it. But I dread the editing, the thought of publishing my writing, the judgements others make about my writing. These fear factors stop me from writing and, more importantly, publishing.

What kind of writing I want to improve the most?

I think you might have already gotten an idea about my answer to this question. I want to improve writing in all realms I mentioned above. However, the immediate need is to improve scientific/academic/technical writing or essay writing. I don’t want to give a brain damage to another reviewer.

Please pardon my writing style. I am more comfortable writing this way. I take longer time to write academically. I am sure that I can do well in that area after finishing this course.

Please let me know what you think.





Why I Hate this Blog’s URL?

I had big plans when I started this blog, like making it the most active blog in the world and everything. I thought I would post something daily and improve my writing skills and all. But, nothing happened. I made a post in the first day itself, and I felt so good about it. I made another post in the next day and I felt more good. And I  made another post after almost a year, and I felt hopeless about it. And I forgot about this blog. Here I am, back to this blog after two years of it’s launch.

I don’t know why it happened eventhough this often happens (that’s way too many ‘happen’ happened in one sentence). I thought if I did that, I would have a writing habit eventually and could beat the fear of publishing my writings. It was not the fear that stopped me from writing and publishing in this blog. I gave way too many fucks about publishing and the content for this blog. I am like that. Whenever I do something, I make it a big deal. I just can’t do something for the name sake. And I have this ‘not-enough’ syndrome — it is the feeling of something is not enough when I do something. It is not a thing, I just made it up. I can’t write a 100 words post. I think it is not enough. I can’t process a photograph I like in a few minutes; I think there is something more I could do. And the list goes on. So, when I wrote the first post in this blog, I didn’t give a shit about how good it was, whether it would blow people’s mind away or something. And I didn’t give any shit about the second post either. But,  for me, the second post was kind of a big deal because it blew my mind away. I loved it. I read it few times, and surprised how I wrote it. I thought it was the beginning of a new writing era. But that stopped me from writing more in this blog. I had few things I wanted to write in this blog, but I didn’t feel they were good enough. Seriously, the only loyal reader of this blog is myself, and this was what I thought.

Oh, I completely digressed. I didn’t say anything about what I was supposed to say in this post. I made the title first and decided to write something, but I ended up somewhere else. I am sorry. I am like this. I don’t plan my blogposts. I just write, and I like it that way. If I sit and plan and outline my article, shit comes out (figurative shit, ofcourse. I don’t have any medical problems of that sort).


So, why I hate this blog’s url? I think it is kinda not creative and uncool. Please don’t mind if you find the URL funny. I know I am not supposed to compare myself with others and that kinda thing. But you know how our mind is, it is a bitch sometimes and you just can’t help it but listening to it. When I started this blog, the idea of realistic thinking was in my mind and I had been thinking about it for quite a while. I just could not take my mind off from it. And when I am in that phase, I can’t think about anything else. If you ask me something completely unrelated to it, I would eventually take you there, and leave you thinking that I am weird or something (I guess I am). When I made it, I thought it was cool and would make me look intellectual and all. Now, after two years, I think it sucks. The first title of this blog was the same as the URL, but later I changed it to words and thoughts because I thought it was cool (and I still think so). I could not change the URL to wordsnthoughts.wordpress.com for free. WordPress said that if I have to change the URL, I need to pay 13$ per year something. I am a miser. There is no returns in the blog expect my satisfaction when I publish something here. But I don’t like the idea of paying 13$/year just to satisfy myself.

Look at that. I wrote four paragraphs just to give you a one line reason for not liking the blog’s URL. The ‘not-enough’ syndrome. Okay, I should stop now.